Life Update: Focusing on Youtube

Oy! Its been a while. But as I am sure you’ve read the title, that’s because I have been pouring my focus into my vlogging on youtube, (if you haven’t checked out my page & subscribed it would mean the world to me if you did!) and I have just been liking it so much I put the writing bit on the back burner.

While I may not be posting once a week like a was, I will continue to do posts on here I just have to hunker down and get it done!

If you don’t watch my blog, there’s been a lot of stuff going down. We went to Hawaii earlier this month (I will be doing a full review post soon) and in the midst of that trip Justin got a call from one of the places he applied to before we left and that led to a week long job trial of which he is on right as we speak. I wasn’t thrilled about location, but just I accepted it he got a call from his top choice place of employment he has applied to a MONTH before! I go into more detail in my vlog which I will link below, but it was surely a whirlwind and a huge roller coaster of emotion for me. So he has an interview with them next week, and another company for that matter, and I am so proud of him! This is going to be huge for our family no matter what happens. We have been struggling college students for years and we are ready to step into this next phase of life. So ready.

Apart from that my next semester has started and I was not ready to come back from that break! But all is well, I am actually very interested in my classes and decided to take a class that helps you focus on what business you want to go into and how to achieve your goals. I feel like I like so many options out there that it is hard for me to focus on one, so this will be great for me.

Of course I will continue to keep you updated on our life journey, but be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel in order to get the most updates, and you get to see Oliver’s cute face all the time! (*bonus*)

Be back soon,



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