Guide Guide for Babies!

Hello everyone!

As promised, I have come up with a gift guide for you all. This one is for babies anywhere from 6 months to a year and a half. My son Oliver is 9 months now and will hit his 10 month mark on the 26th. I feel like baby toys can be super flexible after they hit the 6 month mark and aren’t basically potatoes. And of course, I have a few sustainable options in there!

  1. Slumberkins

Oliver has two of these waiting for him for Christmas! These blanket style stuffie and book set is so amazing, the company’s objective is to teach young ones how to handle feelings and life changes with board books and the character stuffie! The Hammerhead above teaches how to deal with anger and conflict, but there are so many more and they are all so cute and meaningful.

2. Building/ABC Blocks

These guys are on amazon so they ship fast, but are sustainable and coated in organic beeswax. So cute and amazing for learning.

3. Green Toys Recycling Truck

This brand is awesome and has a ton of options and variety of 100 % recycled toys and the prices are fantastic. Another great Amazon find!

4. Crane Humidifier

This gift is more practical for both you and baby. We have this exact elephant cool air mist humidifier and we just adore it. These are easy to clean and assemble, and I run Oliver’s every single night. They have SO MANY adorable designs for kids or they have sleek ones for the adults. And of course, available on Amazon!

5. Suction sustainable bowl and spoon

Another practical one coming at you, this is a fantastic starter for babies beginning to eat or even learning to feed themselves as it sticks to the surface and has a soft tipped spoon. Also Amazon, also sustainable.

6. Baby Jumperoo

Not sustainable, but if you haven’t got one of these for you baby yet you are MISSING OUT. This is by far Oliver’s favorite thing, and hes taken to jumping any time somebody tries to hold him now (ouch) . This particular one is a “limited time deal” on amazon so its a great price right now!

These are all fantastic gifts for the babies in your life! Of course any touch and feel book, sippy trainer cups, or really any small thing as such can be added in as small gifts but I wasn’t going to list those because I feel like they are sort if common sense gifts you know? And being that Christmas is so close, I tried to choose things that will ship fast and be here on time. I personally can’t wait for Oliver to experience Christmas, even though he will likely be more excited about trying to eat the wrapping paper.

*These are not affiliate links whatsoever, I just like this s**t*

I hope everyone’s holidays are splendid! Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel to stay up to date with us via vlog.



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