Life Update/ Vlog Life

Helllllo again my people! Its been a while.

That’s mostly because I have been working with my new favorite creative medium which has been vlogging with my new camera! I am fully obsessed and I have been very much enjoying it. I have two new vlogs up and I will link them below-

As for a life update, Oliver just turned nine months old!I say this every month, but he is getting so big so fast. He is so much better with textures and is eating everything and anything these days. He is not crawling quite yet but gets on all fours and rocks back and fourth pretty vigorously (hilarious), he loves music and will yell/sing along with it. He waves goodbye if you’re lucky and gets more full of personality every day. I can’t remember if Ive updated this for him but he is still sleeping very well! Gets to bed about 730, in bed with me at 530, awake at 630-7 ish. Us parents have been on a serious grind lately prepping for finals (ONLY ONE MORE WEEK) and Justin will be officially finished with school after that. My mother in law and I’s photography business is really taking off ( check out some of our stuff on instagram @palmerphotography) which is fun and also overwhelming with everything else going on. But, it will all seriously calm down after next week. Also, we are going to Hawaii in January!! It is so needed and I am so excited. Very nervous for a flight with Oliver but I am getting all the tips and tools I possibly can. We are going to the big island which I have never been and I will be scouring the interwebs for the best eateries.

The next few weeks I will be posting some gift guides but will mainly be focusing on my vlog! Which I would love if you would subscribe to my channel, and I mean you get to see Oliver’s cute little face like all the time.



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