Life Update: Halloween is over and its feasting month!

Guys, I freaking love me some Christmas but there is not a better meal than thanksgiving and this month is ~THE MONTH~, I truly feel as though it is a feast that should happen multiple times a year! Its simply unfair to have it just once! Luckily my mom is in the same thought stream as me on this one so we have it at least twice a year. As I am sure you saw on Instagram this year we went as How to Train Your Dragon characters Astrid, Hiccup, and of course our baby Toothless! I have been planning that for so long and it was so freaking cute I can’t even stand it.

Speaking of my smallest guy, I realized I have not included an update on how he is sleeping as of lately! For the longest time he was waking about every three hours, and getting a bottle, until he was about 6 months. Then by the advice of the pediatrician we went ahead and cut the night feedings out, but he was still waking every few hours. I had been terrified to move him to his own room, the motherly paranoia, but it was seriously the best decision ever. He goes to bed anywhere from 7:30-8pm and sleeps to about 4-530, then pops in my bed for snuggles the remainder of the night. He is so much more rested and so. am. I. Its glorious. Justin is a rather rambunctious sleeper who tosses and turns, and I think that was really affecting his wake ups. Now he is in his room he has his cool air mist humidifier and his sound machine and he is happy as a freaking clam.

Since its November now ( can you freaking believe it?) I have started compiling my Christmas lists and this year is going to be so much fun with Oliver in the mix and now I can get grandma themed presents for my best gals! I need more ideas for Oliver because obviously his grandmas are going to spoil him with fun stuff and I am trying to be on the more practical side of things. I also want to get new stockings this year with our names on them, I am thinking Etsy. Oh, and if you guys are looking for adorable and incredibly soft baby jammies, check out Blair Necessities! I just ordered from her and I am jealous of Oliver’s new jim jams. I am super duper excited because my MIL and I have something new in the works and I can’t freaking wait to share it with you all. Also shout out to her being a kick ass photographer, if y’all need Christmas photos hit her up at .

I will be posting some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes next week so stay tuned! Its so freakin’ worth it you guys.



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