Favorite things for my 8 Month Old

Hello everyone! I wanted to save this weeks blog post for today because today my little bean turns 8 months old! Isn’t that just wild? I cannot believe in 4 short months I will have a one year old. Yikes.

I wanted to do an update of my favorite baby products because its been a long time and I definitely have some favored items. So lets get started-

My most favorite thing is in the baby-wearing realm as always and it is my double linen Wildbird ring sling:

Ring slings have been a long time favorite but with my single layer I started not being able to wear very long because my child is a giant. I did some research and voila, my remedy is the double layer! For sure more of a learning curve when it comes to threading it but it offers way way more support than the single. HIGHLY recommend.

Ive written about the next one in my previous post about sustainable products which is an added bonus, but guys, Dyper brand diapers are the bees freaking knees. Oliver was leaking out of his diapers every night and these have fully stopped this issue, plus they are super duper soft and even better, chemical free.They are made from bamboo and compostable! Your first order you can get 50% off or a free diaper bag if you go through the link under the photo!

Baby Jumpers! There are a million versions of these and I got mine second hand so I will post a random one, but Oliver LOVES this. He will happily sit and slam his little body around for 30 + minutes if I let him and has now started trying to jump on my lap which he thinks is hilarious.

Another pretty general one, but any type of teething toy on a pacifier clip. These are a lifesaver for in the car time or when we are out shopping. He likes to put every single this in his mouth and them drop it. An extra bonus is if you use the teething paci clips as well!

Last but not least, baby food pouches! I have a baby brezza (also highly recommend if you are making your own baby foods) food maker so I got their reusable pouches to go along with it. Oliver responds to purees so much better in pouch form for whatever reason and its just way easier in general to work with. You can also freeze them if you make a big batch and there are many great Organic options at the store as well.

Happy Baby Organic Clearly Crafted Stage 2 Baby Food, Apples, Blueberries and Oats, 4 Ounce (8 Count)

And that’s our must haves as of right now! I still love and use our happy baby backpack carrier all the time and as for toys his a random guy, anything with lights or strings will do. Also grandmas visors are a big hit. I love getting new ideas so if you have anything your baby loves I would love to hear it! Look forward to some super cute costume pics coming up too.

Ill be back next week,



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