Life Update: I Might Be Going Crazy

Hello everybody!

So you’ve probably realized that its Sunday and not Friday…. truth be told I have zero clue what the heck day it is. This week has been intense with midterms, one happening three days before I had thought (thank god I looked at the class randomly!), working like crazy, and of course being momma to my little cohort.

Speaking of my little ham cake, he is almost eight freaking months old! Only a week to go and he has been making so many developments its just crazy. The poor guy has had a rough go the past couple weeks cutting his two upper front teeth, one finally broke through but the other one looks so painful! We have the baby Tylenol and teething oil on lock. We tried giving him those puree pouches and it was a huge hit! We are figuring out he loves lots of flavor and its so funny, he loves tomato soup, minestrone soup, and sour fruits. He has started scooting around on the floor ( I am in trouble soon) and is learning how to wave hi and bye, its so freaking cute. I just got a double Wildbird ring sling because the little guy is getting so heavy and its a GAME CHANGER. A little harder to master, but so good.

In the adult life of the Palmer household like I said before we have just been hammered with school and work, but all for good purpose! The semester is halfway through and that is super exciting. I cannot wait to show you guys our Halloween costumes, its the best thing ever. I really want to start vlogging consistently but my camera is just not good with video, does anyone on here have any suggestions of a vlogging camera with good sound quality that isn’t ridiculously expensive? I don’t want to spend a ton seeing as its for fun and not for professional use. There are so many posts all saying different things and its so confusing!

Sorry about my blunder this week, Ill try to be consistent as per usual but all bets are off when school gets cray cray.



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