4 Great Eco-Friendly Products

Hey everyone! So you may have noticed it is not Wednesday…. True! I have decided I want to shift the posting day to Fridays instead of Wednesdays due to just the way our schedule is working right now with school/work/both of us fighting over the laptop for homework purposes. I take less stress wherever I can get it!

Back to the point- today’s post! I have been making efforts to be more environmentally conscious, for the good of the world and just thinking about the chemicals I am bringing around Oliver. Not one thing is going to fix the world, but I strongly believe every effort counts.

  1. Bar Shampoo From Lush

I know it might sound strange, it certainly did to me! Truth is I got one of these in a gift set for Christmas years ago, and I thought you broke a little piece of at a time and just used it so wrong so I gave up and hated it. Years later, finding out about the impact of the mass amounts of shampoo and conditioner bottles that go to landfills every year I decided to revisit. I LOVE these things. You suds it up like a bar of soap and it gets super bubbly, then you rub it on your hair! Its just like regular shampoo, and the lush products as always smell sooooo good, and are way cheaper than a regular bottle of high quality shampoo!

2. Dyper brand Bamboo diapers

Its no secret how incredibly bad disposable diapers are for the environment. I know cloth diapers are amazing for many families and I did give them a try, but because my son pees a TON and we are always on the go it just wasn’t for our family. I discovered Dyper through one of my favorite bloggers and it is a diaper subscription service and get this, they are fully compostable and free of all dyes and chemicals. They are so soft, Oliver hasn’t leaked overnight, and they are so good for the environment

3. Grove.co

Not a single product in general, Grove.co is a subscription website for household products of all sorts that are healthy for the environment and your family! You can adjust anytime to suit your needs for scheduling deliveries and you pick what you order. You pay 20$ for the entire year and when you first sign up you get two months free as well as an incredible free Meyers gift set above. I love this service, I can trust the products, and one of my best things you guys.

4. RMS Un-cover up

This is my newest and most favorite find! My little man LOVES to “kiss me” aka eat my face and drool all over and I love to wear cover up or tinted moisturizer always, so I wanted to find something that wouldn’t be poisonous to him and cruelty free. I saw this suggested by a friend on Instagram and I gave it a try, its always scary ordering face makeup because this isn’t sold in store at Sephora, only online. SO WORTH IT! It feels great on the skin and has not caused a single breakout, plus I dont even think about it when I get those “sweet kisses”.

Its not the most abundant list, but its small steps like this that will move us forward into better maintaining our planet. I am not sponsored by these products, I just truly love them and I know you will to! Have any eco friendly things you want to share? I would love to hear!

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