Review: Winc Wine Subscription

Hey everyone! Small update, my kidney is better and I am no longer dying of fever! Huzzah! Our little fam just had the best trip to Apple Hill (seriously go on a weekday to beat the crowds)

So, you know, ya girl loves some wine. But I’m also incredibly cheap, you can bet that most often my wine options come from a good hunt in the Grocery Outlet wine section. I was so excited to try out Winc because it’s super high quality wine for real real cheap. The first time you order you get four bottles of top shelf wine for $39 with complimentary shipping, which is super fast. You take a little quiz so they can curate some choices for you, but you can switch them out for whatever you want if you’d prefer something else! It’s what I did because I might be the pickiest person ever, verdict is still out. I chose three white wines and one red, I’ll put the photo of my choices below!

I enjoy myself some bubbles, you know? Overall, I’m obsessed. I love wine, I love fast shipping, and most of all I love a good deal.

Use this link to get that screamin’ deal

I’ll be back next week as per usual with some of my favorite new picks for sustainability!



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