Life Update: My Kidney, My Enemy

Hey everyone!

I was not planning on this weeks post to be a life update, but here we are.

So last week I ended up not posting because I was having allll the technical difficulties with my blogs posting functions, and then I ended up getting a raging fever that lasted 6 days! Today is day seven and we are so far so good on the fever front. Turns out, I had some sort of nasty kidney infection. Kidney stuff runs in the family sadly, so we just rock with it but this time was different, I’ve never had a fever with them before and didn’t get any pain until the fourth or fifth day. Long story short, it resulted in a big fat injection in the butt. Sounds fun, right? Well they did put a The Flash band aid on it at least.

My mother in law has been so helpful in watching Oliver while I rest, Justin is busy with work/school/internship so she came to my aide in a huge way! The little guy is so close to sitting unassisted fully, he just needs to learn to not trust fall. He has been munching on all sorts of purees and his fav seems to be butternut squash! I highly suggest the Baby Brezza food maker as well as The Big Book of Organic Baby Food which goes into the toddler years, seriously so helpful!

This weather is giving me all the fall vibes and I am obsessed. The fall gods must have been watching me because Grove accidentally sent me EIGHT pumpkin scented soy candles (and let me keep them!). In my fever laziness I watched the new Chelsea Handler documentary on white privilege on Netflix which was actually amazing. Highly Recommend!

I have some amazing things to review for you coming up so look out, everything from diapers to clean makeup to my personal favorite, WINE. And with any luck at all I will have no more issues posting!

Ill be back next Wednesday as per usual,



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