My Fav Podcasts

Hey everybody! So I feel like I’ve heard a lot of chatter about podcasts recently so I wanted to do an update on my current fav’s. If you aren’t podcast savvy, you’re missing out because they are amazing! There is something for everyone, and best part, its free entertainment.

My OG favorite: Armchair Expert

This is the first podcast I ever listened to! This podcast is hosted by Dax Shepard and Monica Padman, they interview various celebrities and “experts” each week. Its completely original and so much better than the average interview, any time I feel like i have a prior notion of one of his guests, by the end of the episode I totally fall in love with them. My favorite episode? probably Dr.Phil.


Ohhhhh man I ate these episodes UP! This is a real investigation into a spinal surgeon who would be coined “Dr.Death” and how he got away with performing surgery on so many people when he very clearly was not fit to be a surgeon. Creepy, infuriating, fascinating. Love it.

Guys I am a freaking birth story addict ever since being pregnant, so the next two will be of that genre.

S Town

Ugh you guys this one is a ride. A journalist is investigation some strange happenings in a small town in which one of its residents proclaims is happening there and the cops don’t do anything about it, he calls it “shit town”. From one investigation to the next, to really just learning about an incredible man’s life, this had me laughing, crying, believing one side then the other. Such an amazing listen.

The Birth Hour

This one I have mentioned in previous posts, but its worth every mention! The very first birth story podcast I had ever listened too and I was immediately hooked. So many stories of triumph and tribulations, I honestly feel like this podcast gave me more information on birth and postpartum than ANY book I read. Its raw and real and I am still obsessed six months later.

Birth Kweens

After my addiction started with The Birth Hour, I wanted to see if there were any other good birth story podcasts. I struck gold with this one, hosted by a doula and midwife who are so GD hilarious every episode and talk about not only birth but literally everything about being a woman. They have a direct line to my funny bone and its so refreshing to hear them let loose on the cussing and as they say, cut the shit. They have guests to share birth stories, medical experts to go over various treatments, or just themselves giving you the real real on the birth world.

Those are my current Favs! I am so in love with podcasts and I hope this inspires you to start a new one, if you have any you would suggest I am all ears! Please, do share!

Ill be back next week,



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