Life update:Revamp?

Hi everybody! Happy Wednesday or for parents of older kiddies happy back to school day!

I wanted to do a little life update and pose a question for you about future blog posts.

Lets start off with our life update-

So as I mentioned before I was finishing up summer classes to obtain my payroll skills certification and continue with my accounting certification, and damn were those compacted classes something else, but hallelujah I finished! And with A’s, I might add. So thank the lord I am payroll skills certified officially now and after a meeting with my counselor I got confirmation that the remainder of my classes will be able to be done online (sidebar: I’ve done all my classes online but the last classes I have left weren’t showing available online and are 4 hours from 5-9 pm twice a week and I just could not swing that in any way) so we are in good shape with school! Our county fair was in town which for us small townies is like, the event of the year. We had a great time and it was so fun to have Oliver with us! He loves being strolled around and looking at things so it was really great. Two baby goats I was reaching my arm in the cage to pet freaking SUCKED ON MY FINGERS  and it was the most adorable thing of my life, and as usual of course we gorged ourselves on all the delicious fair foods. Oliver is coming up on his 6th month of life and I am so excited to start trying purees on him! I read the book “Bringing up Bebe ” recently and I HIGHLY recommend it to all parents! I really loved it and the ideas on how to get kids eating exactly what you eat and not to have 8 million snacks a day. Those French kiddos in their government subsidized daycares called “chreche” eat four course meals with all types off foods, stuff I would pay a lot of money for myself (more chronicles of America what are you doing).  Ill keep you all updated on how that business goes. Justin’s about to start fall semester and we are planning on a trip to Mexico come December after school is over which is super exciting, we’ve never been! We haven’t been on a real vacation since Thailand so its well needed. Here’s some photos of our fair trip:


As for the question I have for you all, so of course you know by now I am a deal hunter extraordinaire, and now with my schooling and work experience in budgets and bookkeeping, I am thinking of integrating a lot more budget advice and deals/coupon-ing posts. Im good at it and it saves me a great deal, but I have also learned a lot of amazing life budgeting techniques from the classes Ive been taking! is that something you all would be interested in? or should I stick to what I’ve been doing? I need advice you guys!

I of course will be back with another post next Wednesday,

much love,


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