Summertime Happiness

Hey everyone!

So I have been realizing lately that I have been doing a lot of griping about the summer. I’m a fall obsessed basic chick, and I don’t know if its just a little extra stressful in life this summer or if I just have a general disdain for sweatyness as I get older, but I wanted to turn that s**t around with some positivity!

So that being said, I wanted to share my best summer things~

Farmers Markets

Is there anything better than fresh fruits and vegetables from the summer markets? I live in a very farm/organic friendly town, so there are a ton of markets to choose from whether it be an early morning Saturday market with fresh coffee in the air, or nighttime downtown markets that have good eats and music playing when you scope those fresh juicy berries and peaches

Library Baby Story Time

Now I think our local library does this all year round, but every Tuesday me and Ol have been going to baby story time at the library which is the cutest and most fun thing ever. Its only 30 minutes so babies don’t get too antsy, you sing some songs, read a book, and play with noise making toys! Its an amazing way to be a part of the community and do something fun and free with your baby indoors. I think its especially great for people with babes too young for the park or a ton of swimming.


If you know me, you know I am a food beast. I especially love winter foods, I could eat soup all year round (seriously, just ask my husband) BUT you cannot deny the pure magic of a summer BBQ. Charred chicken, corn on the cob, ribs, you name it. Give me a BBQ buffet and I am LIVING MY BEST LIFE

County Fair

I couldn’t do my best summer things without including the fair, could I?! Ample timing because the fair is in town this week (always lands on my birthday) and in true nevada county-an nature, Its just an absolute must. When you are in grade school its the social highlight for the summer, right before the school year starts to put on you back to school bests and strut around the goat pens. The baked potato’s and corn dogs are legendary, and the hardworking kids farming present their livestock with pride. Its our towns best thing, and you know ill be feasting the night away in no time.

What are some of your best summer things? Whats your favorite season?

As always, Ill be back next Wednesday,



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