Honest Review: FabFitFun Summer Box

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I am FINALLY done with summer classes. Hallelujah! Its been a long one.

Today I will be reviewing the Fabfitfun box, although I am sure you have heard of it as their adds are super persistent pretty much everywhere. In all honesty, I made a whole unboxing video but that said video has freakin vanished to the void, nowhere to be found, so here we are!

Fabfitfun is a quarterly subscription box where you get to pick a few items and the rest are a surprise, all full size and stuff from skin care to kitchen goods. I’m not sponsored by them in any way, my awesome mother in law just picked this as my birthday/ Christmas/ mothers day ect present.

First things first, they were running a special for the first box for $30 bucks, which is a pretty screamin’ deal. This is what I got:

These are the things I chose
And these are the ones that came randomly!

Guys, saying I was actually impressed is an understatement. I really loved all the stuff in here! I double checked the values on the products and it all checks out, my favorites are my kimono that can be a robe/cardigan and the setting spray! 9 things for $30? Count me in! Even at the regular price of $50 that’s a great deal. I often second guess things with so many influencer/celeb sponsored ads, but that aren’t lyin. 10/10. I will keep you posted on the fall box when it comes as well!

Until next Wednesday,



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