Postpartum Healing: C-Section Recovery

Hello! Back again for our new weekly Wednesday posts . I am Currently almost 5 months post C-section and I thought I would do a little body recovery post! I hunted for every bit of info when I was preparing for my cesarean and really had no idea what my post partum body would like like. I, of course, am going to include some nitty gritty pictures for you of my scar that’s ~quite~ low on the pelvic bone so if that is not your jam go ahead and move along to another post!

Ill start off with the first picture I took of myself after coming home:

I remember this so clearly! I did NOT want to take these photos. 4 days PP and I was swollen, sore, leaking milk everywhere, and exhausted! But I knew I would want to document my journey so I did it anyhow. Creepy staples, amiright?! I hated looking at them or even thinking of their existence. I felt pretty good all considering but had this awful pinching feeling along the incision that made me feel like I couldn’t stand up straight. I thought maybe a staple was too tight, but it didn’t go away after getting them out unfortunately. My tummy skin was super sensitive and “raw” feeling which I was totally unprepared for, and around the incision it was totally creepily numb. Everything felt “loose” and jiggly, but it was so weird not having a giant hard moving belly any more! *Sidenote, someone had suggested a boppy to nurse with because it helped with the pressure on the scar, but for me it was totally opposite and it rubbed it the wrong way and hurt me! Just a thought

This was about a 2 days later! I couldn’t believe how fast the swelling was going down! The human body is a wild thing. I was so blessed to not get any stretch marks through the pregnancy even though they strongly run in my family but he was 2 1/2 weeks early so maybe that had something to do with it. Having anything touching my stomach was still unbearable so I lived in soft flowy nightgowns. It almost felt like achy skin when you get the flu. The boobs were still trying to figure their lives out so breast pads were my saviors for like a month and a half.

This was 8 Days PP, how insane it was to me that this little human was in my belly a little over a week prior. Every day I felt better. I only ever had to take motrin even though I was prescribed Norco. Also, for the love of god take your Colaze. TAKE. YOUR. COLAZE. I forgot one day and thats the last and only time I forgot!

Here’s the scar one month after! Not too shabby eh?

Three weeks after the birth and just a little over Oliver’s due date, I was feeling great. The swelling had gone down so much so fast I was pretty damn shocked! It’s definitely not normal for everyone to go down this fast but this is just my experience and its completely bizarre. I was not dieting in any way and wasn’t allowed to exercise till 6 weeks, again I say, the human body is WILD.

And here is my most recent pic just from about a week ago! Its been a wild five months and I am incredibly lucky that my body has just decided to agree with me for once its its life. I’m working out a few times a week and my scar still gets sore but I am doing quite well besides that. C sections are a quick birth and a very long recovery, and now I have a cool new scar.

If anybody has any c-section questions, I am always down to answer!

Ill be back next week with another post,



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