Summer Style Bargains

So it seems California has jumped from winter straight into summers hot a** weather, so I thought I would share some of my favorite new looks to combat this heat! If you know me you know I love a good bargain, so of course all of my choices are some pretty sweet deals. I would love to say I am that girl who shops at Nordstrom’s, but who am I kidding, I’m way too cheap for that biz.

I love shopping at Boohoo because the site is almost always 50% off, so if you hit it on a time that it isn’t, give it a week or so and there should be some crazy discounts

I love a good 2 piece set, and I adore the light blue color of this one! Its one of my favorites because it comes in “tall” sizing, and because of my short torso and daddy long legs a lot of shorts show all my bits and look raunch.

I am anxiously awaiting this lil number in the mail as I write! I am extremely excited that yellow is coming back in style with force, and who doesn’t love a good floral? I am a serial jeans/pants wearer so it always feels nice to dress in something a bit more girly. Best part? this was only $12.

I feel like being a serial jeans wearer goes hand in hand with being obsessed with jumpsuits. This is another website fashion brand that often marks down everything by 50% , and the quality of the fabrics are always awesome. They also are very reliable in sizing which can be a downfall of boohoo’s.

Lets get real, summer means sweaty feet. It just does. Also, heels aren’t great for the uncoordinated. I also don’t love them because I feel like a giant in them, so a short clock style heel is amazing for me. Plus as a new mom, fiddling with buckles is just not a good time, slip these babies on and be out the door.

What are some of your favorite bargain shops? I’m always hunting for more ideas!

Ill be back soon of course,



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