Life Update: 3 Months of Oliver

Hey everyone!

Its been a little while since I last posted, the end half of the spring semester really kicked our a**es more than usual and we are so happy to be DONE!

Oliver turned three months on May 26 and I honestly can not believe it. He has developed so much personality and cracks me up every day. He has started to giggle, is super ticklish, and develops hiccups every time I make him laugh which is ironic because he ~hates~ hiccups.

He has discovered his hands and now uses those to tell me he is hungry, shoving them in his mouth and staring into my soul, but its pretty damn cute.

He is still doing 2-4 hour stretches of sleep at night which seems to be shorter then most of the babes in my “March due dates” group on Facebook but honestly it doesn’t bother me! He wakes up hungry, eats with his eyes closed and goes right to sleep. When he wakes up for reals in the morning he is so so happy and it melts me, he is all smiles. Every minute I get with him I love.

Like I posted on Instagram last week, my new fav thing for his fussy fits is my Happy Baby soft structured carrier. He has been fighting his evening nap time and only allows me to stand and bounce while holding him, until I pop him in the carrier and he goes right to sleep. This thing has like, alllllll the sleepy dust. Not sponsored, just a GD fan.

He seems to really like book reading time and our favorites are “Baby Bear Baby Bear, What Do You See?” and “Baby Bunny”, but after two he is not into it any more. He also has a new fav toy that lights up and sings, he LOVES this thing and just smiles at it the whole time!

Otherwise we have just celebrated our 9 year anniversary of being together and our 4 Year wedding anniversary is right around the corner! And I can’t WAIT to show you all what I got Justin for fathers day!

I will be back to my usual blog posting from here on out~ thanks for sticking in there.



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