Try it Tuesday: Grove Collaborative

Hey everyone!

As you well know I am a sucker for a good deal, especially on things that are necessities around the house.

While listening to my favorite podcast The Birth Hour, I discovered a website called Grove Collaborative that is a subscription service for all natural cleaning/home products! (They also have natural personal care items that I discovered later on)

The service works like any other online subscriptions, you sign up with your email and every month they send you curated items based upon your preferences! The coolest thing about this subscription is that you can switch out any items you don’t particularly want or need for exactly the items you do, and there is a full spread to choose from.

For your first order, you get a lot, and I mean a LOT of free, full sized goodies! I was seriously freaking impressed. Free items are my favorite items! You have to spend $20 bucks the first order, you get a bunch of awesome free stuff, then they put suggested items in your cart to add up to the twenty bucks, but as I said before you can switch them all out for whatever you want!

SO, for $20, I got a cute grey cleaning caddy, a 16 oz glass spray bottle with two tubes of concentrate, Method disinfectant wipes, Method toilet bowl cleaner, Meyers Hand soap, Meyers hand lotion, Meyers dish soap, Method laundry detergent ( it smells SO GOOD), two bamboo scrub sponges, and a bamboo bristle brush with a soap pump dish

That is SO much stuff.

One of the best things is, when you have a baby your perspectives change on what everything you have is made of and if it’s toxic. All products are natural, organic products that is safe for you and your family!

Overall, I say worth it is an understatement. I hope you guys try it and let me know what you think!

I’ll be back soon with more content,



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