Best Baby Products: 2 Month Update

Hi everyone! So I wanted to do an updated list on what I find most useful and efficient for new mom’s like myself. There is a TON of great stuff out there, but here are my favorites:

Diaper Genie:

Guys, this may seem like a give in, but I can’t tell you how many times I saw other parents saying you would use it for the first week or two and then forget about it. Um, what? Where do you start putting those stinky nappies?! Im Confused. Babies are the cutest, the smells of old diapers are not. This little magic contraption traps the smells and allows you to dispose of them all so easily, HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Baby K’tan:

There are so many different wraps out there and I decided to give this one a try because 1.I found a great deal (I will link) and 2. I did not want to spend ages trying to wrap Ol up to go into the store or on a walk, ain’t nobody got time for that. He loves this carrier and because the carts at my frequented grocery store of choice don’t allow for the carseat to click into the front its a total life saver. Its super easy to use, its two loops of fabric attacked to each other, no wrapping to figure out. Genius!

Crane Humidifier:

I was gifted this at my shower and after a few weeks at home with the baby I noticed he was a bit extra mucus-y in the evenings and I broke this thing out and it helped a TON. Plus they come in really cute little designs , mines an elephant! There are many cool mist humidifiers out there for less, so if this is out of price range for you there are other options with different brands.

Earth Mama Organics:

Honestly any of these products are amazing. They have tons of products for postpartum care as well as baby products, my favorite being the diaper balm! Its organic, of course, and it smalls and feels super nice. My little man has chunky thighs and gets redness on his roll creases and this helps a lot!

Splurge Item: Halo Bassinet

This was an incredible gift to me for my shower as well, I knew I wanted it especially after having a c section and getting up and walking to the nursey in the middle of the night sounded like an awful idea. It really does do its job well, i adore having him right next to me and being able to check his breathing ( hello anxiety) and scoop him into my arms without getting out of bed for nighttime feedings. It is very worth the slurge, but there are tons available secondhand for low prices as you can only use them until the babe gets more mobile.

I hope you find these products as helpful as I have!

Be back soon,



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