Bringing home baby: The stuff I ACTUALLY Used

Hey everyone!

We have been home for about a week and a half now, it has been amazing getting into a routine and getting all those newborn snuggles. Our little guy is so laid back and easy, we have been having the best time with him.

I prepared for months researching what people found the most useful in their newborn journeys, and that did help, but I feel like there were some things that were definitely missed! So, I thought I would share what I find to be most useful when caring for a new baby.

1.Burp Cloths

Although these were in the back of my mind of things I needed, I did not see any emphasis on them from anyone so I really didn’t get many. That was a mistake! Babes spit up a ton, and go through burp cloths like nobody’s business, so stock up! My personal favorites are honestly the plain white cloth diapers, someone got me a bunch for my baby shower and using them as burp cloths has been perfect, they are perfect sized and I use them all day every day.

2. Snuggle Me Organic

Now, I wasn’t 100% on this item because you never know what baby will like and if something that is super hyped will live up to the tale. I am also incredibly cheap, so paying over 100$ did not seem feasible, so I found one for 40$ used on the Facebook marketplace that was in great condition. Baby loves to hang in this thing! It snuggles him in and he will sleep in it by Justin or I on the couch or wherever, allowing me some hands free time to get stuff like homework or blogging done, and he is comfy as can be! I would say, def worth it

3.Nursing Pads

Guys, if you are breastfeeding, this is a MUST. I underestimated the amount in which I would run through these things. My milk supply came in with full force, and when in the hospital that first night of engorgement, I soaked the entire bed and Oliver and I slept in a puddle. It was awful, and painful. There is no way I wouldn’t go through like 15 outfits in a day without these bad boys. My favorites are the Lanosil multi-pack that has the daytime/nighttime ones.

4. Receiving Blankets

I do not know why, but my mind was set on having a stockpile of swaddles before Oliver arrived. Luckily my mom mentioned getting some, so I got a small pack, but let me tell you, I could use about 5 more packs. Not only are they nice to have in the hospital, not all babes like being swaddled, and Oliver is one of them. He loves being covered, but not tied down. Plus, with all this crappy weather we have had blankies are necessary for the carseat to keep him warm, a situation in which a swaddle is totally useless.

5.Comfy Nursing bras

Last on my list may be a give-in, but I can’t stress enough the importance of super comfy nursing bras. I am someone who NEVER sleeps with a bra, but being the milky mess that I am, that is no longer an option. I got lucky with my purchases of nursing bras, my favorite being the ones you can clip/unclip for easy access, I see a lot of the ones that go over your head like a sports bra and honestly I find those way to uncomfortable, thank goodness I only bought one! I found great deals on JCPenney, I love the lamaze brand!

Those are my absolute must haves for bringing home baby! There are obviously many more things that are needed but they are just pretty self explanatory , but the items above I rarely saw on other blog posts/vlogs.

I hope this helps anyone prepping for baby, and ill be back soon with more content and hopefully another vlog when I find the time!



One thought on “Bringing home baby: The stuff I ACTUALLY Used

  1. Burp cloths and receiving are the 1 thing I tell everyone to stick up on. We went through them like crazy.

    Glad to hear O is a chill baby. Love seeing all of the sweet pictures.


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