Oliver’s Birth Story

Hey everyone, if you follow me on social media you know that on 02-26-19 our little Oliver made his entrance earthside, I wanted to share his traumatic birth story in full detail because of you know me you know I like to keep it real and bring awareness to hard situations. This story was incredibly hard for me to go back over, it’s still fresh, it still hurts, but I wanted to be able to recall every detail. So with that being said, if you are not in the place to hear this story please skip, I’m going to be including some very graphic details and photos ahead that are bloody and gorey so, fair warning!

I had a scheduled c section for the 26th due to having a full placenta previa. My OB was incredibly thorough and detailed in explaining the risks of bleeding and just the regular risks of c section as it is, and he told me exactly what he would be doing in case that happened, so I felt good and secure going into it. I spent the days preparing for what recovery would be like and the procedure itself, I’m a bit of an over preparer so I was stacked with knowledge by the day of.

Everything started out normal as you could imagine, we checked in at 6 am for a 730 operation, got all rigged up with IV’s and went ahead to meet the anesthesiologist, who by the way was incredible! That shot of liquid they make you drink beforehand, MY GOD, that was hideous, but the spinal itself didn’t hurt and went super smooth. I laid back and Justin was brought in in full scrubs, ready to meet our boy! I had asked him to snag some pics of Oliver being lifted up over the curtain all gooey and gross, and they had quickly started getting him out. Within a few moments he was out and I heard his sweet little cries, although they didn’t last long.

This is where things get hard. Again, if you are not in the place to hear about this, please come back to it.

At the same time I started feeling the worst nausea I have ever felt in my life, the room went quiet, the nurses were fussing over my baby to the left and the doctors started talking very quickly and quietly. My bright pink baby was now a shade of blue/purple and they weren’t going to bring him to me for skin to skin. I heard doctors saying suction, and I started shaking uncontrollably and vomiting into a dish on my side all while being cut open with my arms splayed to my sides. I noticed Justin stand up, look over the sheet, and start to panic. Now I have had a near death experience as a child in the hospital before, and I know when things start to go wrong an air changes in the room, and that was happening. I was hemmoraging. I knew this was a risk, but it felt surreal all the same. I just wanted to stop puking. Justin was staring at me and telling me I was doing so good, hang on, I was going to be okay as he held my puke bowl to my face. He looked over the curtain and the anesthesiologist immediately told him to sit down. The nurses started taking Oliver straight to the nursery as he was not having success breathing, they told justin to go with him and he asked if he could stay with me, they said no. So off he went. This man just lost his best friend, and now his baby and his wife were dying, and I simply cannot imagine how he felt in that moment. The anesthesiologist was stroking my face telling me it was going to be okay, and my Dr worked diligently to stop the bleeding, placing a balloon filled with saline in my uterus to put pressure on the bleed and staple me up very quickly. Justin later told me when he had looked over the curtain that last time, there was a fountain of blood coming from the cut and the doctor had grabbed some of my intestines and held them over it for pressure, and he had never seen me more pale in his life. Here are some photos (before the extreme bleeding) of the surgery and my poor blue little guy:

We were prepared for the risks, in a way, but nothing can really prepare you for this experience firsthand.

I was wheeled to the OR recovery area where I continued to be sick and get monitored, and wonder where my baby and husband were. The allotted hour had passed for recovery, I had been informed that Oliver was still having trouble breathing and that he was to stay in the nursery, but they would try to let me see him. They really did try, but my bed wouldn’t fit in the very small nursery area, so I got to look at him from the doorway but I didn’t get to touch him.

I was taken to my recovery room where I would be for the next few days, they were monitoring him for a few more hours to see in there was improvement, and if not they would be transferring him a half hour away to a hospital that actually had a NICU. I had dreamed of having him for so long, skin to skin, all the things that were important to me in my birth and it had all dissolved in front of me. After Justin was sure I was okay, he went to be with him in the nursery. When I tell you what happened next was nothing short of a miracle, I mean it.

Oliver was 15 minutes away from the time where they would be transferring him. Justin went and talked to him, telling him that I needed him and he needed to start breathing for me. He touched his little feet and just loved him, and Justin told the doctor to take that machine off his face cause he hated it, and they did. Within minutes of Justin touching him, his oxygen levels started rising. He completely and totally turned around, he was doing amazing. Amazing enough he no longer needed the machine , and he could be brought to me! Seven hours after giving birth to my son, I finally got to meet him.

And we stayed like that for pretty much the remainder of the evening, besides the grandmas holding him.

That first 24 hours pain wise, was incredibly rough. They had me on a large pitocin drip which was causing huge contractions to make my uterus shrink and help prevent more bleeding, and on top of the balloon in my uterus the pain was excruciating. I have an incredibly high pain tolerance, and I needed it to stop by 10 pm after a contraction every 2-3 minutes that felt like my body was tearing itself apart. They turned off the drip and I only had a contraction every 15 minutes or so. I only had 3 norco total my entire stay, the nurses referred to me as the poster child for c section recovery, a title I’ll happily take! The incision itself didn’t hurt me, of course I was tender, but after that pitocin evening, it was NOTHING. Kid you not.

The next few days went great. I recovered swiftly, the catheter and balloon were removed after 24 hours which made all the pain go away, and I was able to just bond with Oliver and enjoy the moments I had.

We are home now, and we are doing wonderfully. I still get upset thinking about the first 24 hours, the things that I lost, and the trauma we experienced. My poor husband is ultra protective, I’m still at risk for hemmorage for another 6 weeks so I’ll be taking it easy. My milk has come in with fury and vengeance, so I’ll plump the lil guy up in no time!

My heart hurts for our experience, but someone or something out there was watching out for us, and we have been blessed with an incredibly chill and adorable baby.

I can’t wait to see what the future brings for us.

I’ll be back with another update soon,


Sierra, Justin, and Oliver

2 thoughts on “Oliver’s Birth Story

  1. This sounds nothing short of traumatic for you all. My goodness. I’m so sorry. He’s absolutely beautiful and you both were clearly being watched over. I’m so happy for this happy ending. Enjoy that sweet SWEET bundle.


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