Planning for Cesarean

Hey everyone!

I guess you can call this a life update too, but as you can probably guess from the title I have finally made some progress in my medical care with my pregnancy!

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*Small recap- I have been trying to figure out if I did indeed have placenta Previa (where your placenta is covering the opening of your cervix, which means baby is blocked and upon rupture you can bleed out, serious stuff), my doctors office is very overwhelmed and I ended up with a midwife who let her opinion of c-section affect my care so I had to do some serious fighting to get things right. Thanks to the help of an inside office friend (shes a godsend) I finally got my diagnosis and got with the right doctor. *

Let me first say that I very much wanted to pursue a non medicated birth. I knew because my body plays tricks on me I wanted to be in a hospital setting, but I also really wanted to try for the so called “natural” experience. I of course wanted not only the satisfaction of being able to do it, but the shorter recovery time and endorphin high that comes when you push your baby out. It wasn’t until a faithful visit with a long term friend who had the very same condition they thought I may have shared her concern for me with the dangers of PP and her requirement for a c-section that I ever really truly considered that may be my path.

I have always been incredibly supportive of all types of birth, but cesarean seems to be the most judged of all I’m discovering, and for that I am not sure why. I have been lucky enough to avoid the awful comments myself, but horror stories of women online being told they aren’t real mothers because they had to make to choice to save their own/their babies life is pretty overwhelming. The more I proceed through this, the more I am realizing how even I am conditioned for this. I find myself rushing to say “because I have a condition” or “because I have medical issues” after saying Ive been scheduled for a section, almost defensively. There have been photographers and other birth workers who refuse to service a woman if she has to have a c-section because, and I quote, “Its not a real birth”. Its totally ridiculous you guys!

Although I am doing this because the only other option would be putting my life at serious risk, even if it were another circumstance women should just not feel this way or be judged in this manner. It makes me feel so sad for the mama’s before me that have been so put down, and I will spread as much awareness as I can about these realities from here on out.

I am proud of myself for pursuing my healthcare and for making an educated choice. There are many beautiful options in a c-section and you have every right to them. All birth is powerful birth. And if you are in the same boat as me, I see you, and you are just as valid as any other mother out there.

I would LOVE, like really love, any tips or tricks for my hospital stay/recovery with the baby if you have been through this experience. What should I bring in my hospital bag? Have ready at home? Pleaaaaseeeee tell me!

In happy (and surreal) news, We get to see this sweet boys face earthside in under two weeks. Eeeeeeeeeek!

Be back with more content soon,



One thought on “Planning for Cesarean

  1. Oliver’s dad was a c-section as you know, Eat lost of veges and fruit days before the c-section stay away from food that can give you gas..(ouch gas pressure on your incision is no fun ). To be compleatly blunt t less strain when you .. ok, poop the better. By the way I do it all over again it’s all worth it all.🐣 Thanks for growin my grandson. Your 100% bad ass momma that’s going to birth your son perfectly.


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