Best Pregnancy Resources

Hey everyone, this post is for my fellow expecting mamas out there. I was just thinking today how happy and grateful I am to have found some of the things that have been so great for me during pregnancy just by random chance, and decided I had to share some of my absolute favorites!

The first thing I want to suggest is my all time favorite resource throughout my pregnancy, if I could keep one thing out of it all this would be it. That is, drumroll, The Birth Hour Podcast!

Guys, I stumbled upon this podcast completely randomly and it has been so incredible. It is ran by Bryn Huntpalmer who records the birth stories of hundreds of women, all so incredibly different, informative, and honest. If you had told me a year ago I would become some sort of birth story junkie, I would say you are insane, but here we are. Hearing these stories has empowered me to be an advocate for my own health and desires as well as completely take away the fear of birth, no matter what happens. Try one and I promise you will be HOOKED!

The next resource I would love to share is The Mama Natural’s “Week by Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth”

This book was actually given to me by my doula, and its been an awesome read! I honestly am not so into pregnancy books because I think a lot of it is more corny than informative and that just isn’t my style. This book although based on a more natural path is completely judgement free and does not sway or have anything negative to say about any type of birth a woman chooses to have, and week by week tells your what is going on with baby, mom, and what you should start thinking about at that given week. It helps give you a great sense of timing and preparedness as well as gives great natural tips for many ailments along the way. Highly recommend!

The Birth Without Fear blog/Instagram is very widely known, but on the off chance you haven’t heard of it I thought it is worth mentioning!

After hearing January (the creator of Birth Without Fear) share her first four birth stories on my favorite podcast mentioned above, I had to immediately find out more about this incredible woman. She had experienced the worst and the best of c-sections, a successful vbac, then the worst of c sections and some of the worst provider care ive ever heard of. This propelled her to start a blog and Instagram advocating for women’s rights in birth, no matter what that may be. Her blog is informative and thought provoking and the Instagram has amazing videos of births and labor photos as well as facts and product suggestions. Its a fantastic resource for anything about birth.

Last but not least, FACEBOOK GROUPS!! Seriously having a support team that isn’t super emotionally attached and you can just vent to and ask questions is amazing. I am lucky enough to have a close friend who is only a day apart in pregnancy from me, and we have been able to do this with each other which is so incredibly helpful, but even then so I am always on my March Due dates group checking things out! I have heard it can be difficult to find a group that really suits your needs and opinions, I was just lucky to find this one right away. But let me tell you, what a supportive and loving group of women. Any time anyone posts a concern, its an overwhelm of compassion and encouragement. Any time someone posts a pic with insecurities, its an out pour of compliments and love. In a process that can seem so lonely sometimes, that no one is having your experience, things like this can make you feel so much less isolated and like you are a part of a giant team.

One last thing I would like to mention and I will be posting a blog separately more about this topic, but it is so incredibly important to be your own healthcare advocate. Be as informed as possible, know your every right, and don’t let anybody push you around!

I hope these amazing resources will help you in this wild ride of pregnancy like they have helped me, and if you have any to share with me I would LOVE to hear it!

Be back with more content soon!

xo Sierra

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