Gift Ideas for the Expecting Mama (NOT baby related)

Hey everyone! ‘Tis the season to wrack your brains figuring out what on earth to get the people you love, so I thought I would share my favorite gifts for expecting mamas like myself!

So many times people think its totally appropriate to get baby gifts for future mamas during the holidays and I am hear to tell you; its not true! Just because you are pregnant and your future role is stepping into being a parent, that doesn’t mean whatever you want as an individual just disappears. This topic has been widely discussed between my friends and I and it really does seem to be a running problem! Of course, we would all be grateful for a gift no matter what, but getting something for your baby as a gift to you is just, well, disappointing.

That being said, lets get this thing started!

First things first, we all know that pregnancy is less than comfortable. Self care is now more important than ever, but sometimes doing these things for yourself just isn’t in the budget! Here are some amazing self care gifts that would not only be fun to get but very useful to our everyday lives:

Gift Certificate: Massage or Facial

Now wouldn’t everyone love a massage for a gift?! There are certain contraindications that come with a regular massage and pregnancy, so now we have to have the specialized prenatal massage for all those fun things such as sciatic pain, round ligament pain, headaches, and charlie horses. It also increases blood flow and encourages healthy circulation. Bonus! Massages can run anywhere from $50-$100
Facials are an all-time pamper item, and another item i’m sure anyone would love to receive at any time! This is another pregnancy-bonus because our skin is often affected by our hormones, like I have discussed before my face has suffered extreme dryness and I know many others who have acne flair ups ect. There are so many places to choose from as well! Most facials are around $80 for 60 minutes.

Easy- Grab Items

This item can be found on      
Who wouldn’t like a good foot bath? This $20 gift is amazing for a quick pick while still staying affordable, a gift any swollen/sore footed mama would love.

One of my personal very favorite shops is Lush Cosmetics, so I had to do a shout out to their beautiful holiday gift boxes! Not only are their products completely cruelty free and non-toxic, they are the ultimate self-care products. If the gift recipient of your choice isnt into baths, they have many other options for pretty much all other cosmetic items. And it smells fabulous. The box shown above is priced at $27.50, including a bath bomb, shower gel, and bubble bar.

Just for Fun

A fashionable and inspirational gift is always welcome! Especially for those career mamas out there “getting it done”. There are tons of options for saying/style with this product AND its a great deal!

We already have to drink a s**t ton of water, why not do it with some flavor and style? There are many options for infusion water bottles, but this one is particularly cool because its got an insulating sleeve which I have not seen a lot of with these, and nobody likes lukewarm fruit water. This gift is another steal of a price from amazon too!

I hope these ideas inspire you to get the wonderful women in your life some awesome and useful gifts at any budget.

    Thank you for coming to my page and I will be back with more content very soon!

xx Sierra

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