Is it Worth it?: Facials

Hey everyone! Hope everyone’s Thanksgivings were fabulous and binge-eating filled.

For today’s post I will be giving you an unadulterated review on a major splurge activity, a “treat yo’ self” situation, if you will: Facials. 

Growing up with very little money, I always categorized facials to be one of those things I would never get, that was for rich people! I didn’t even know what happened within a facial besides face masks and cucumber slices. It wasn’t until this year at the ripe ol’ age of 25 that I had even considered it after multiple friends swore it was something that had to be experienced!

As most of you know, I am pregnant and due this upcoming March, and one of the many symptoms I have been dealing with is dry ass skin . Saying it is just dry is an understatement, My forehead has become a flakey mess and my usually oily t-zone has followed suit. I am a big sucker for beauty products and skin care so of course I went for all of my “tried and trues”, my favorite masks and moisturizes, and even multiple new exfoliates to no avail. I finally decided it was time to make that freaking facial appointment.

I went to a local salon, “V.J.’s Salon & Spa” In Grass Valley, CA, at the high recommendation of my friends. I chose a 60 minute “natures maintenance” facial, details below~

I figured I would go into some detail about my dryness during my appointment, as there was no package specifically for that problem.

My consultant was Lisa, and she was fabulous! After washing my face, she completely altered the package to exactly what kinds of things I needed such as a chemical peel and microdermabrasion in order to remove that dead skin. She did a facial steam while the enzyme did its work, which wasn’t my favorite because I have issues with humidity, but she gave a wonderful shoulder massage as well. She also did extractions which was just amazing because my pores were completely clear of any dirt, literally so much better than a Biore nose strip. She finished with moisturizing serum and gave me a ton of samples of the products she used so I could try them for an extended time.

Overall, I really did enjoy the facial, but its not something I would do often. My dry skin came back pretty fast and I am just way to cheap to keep up on 85$ facials that frequently. It will be a nice special “treat yo self” experience for me maybe once a year. Also, fair warning, my skin was suuuuper sensitive and red after my facial (pictured below hehehe) and it remained that way for the rest of the day, so dont plan on going anywhere or doing anything for that day. I also wouldn’t suggest it as a day before or day of event for bridal parties getting ready for the wedding, perhaps a week or so before so you have time to heal!

Ill be back soon with more content,



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