Free Baby Stuff- Comparing the Top 3

Hey everyone!

Back at it again with more baby-themed posts and also one of my forever favorites, coupon-ing.

This post I will be going over the top three places to get a free “baby welcome” box for simply creating a registry. Free is always great, you can always do all three like I did! But, spoiler alert, I definitely have a favorite.

First, We will start with Target!

In order to get this bag of goodies, all you have to do is create a baby registry at Target (completely free) and go into a store and pick it up from the customer service desk. Easy Peasy. They didn’t even check if I had a registry on a computer system, I simply walked up and they handed it over! This Goodie bag had a full pamphlet of coupons, Honest diapers/wipes, lotion/wash samples, full size Dr.Browns bottle, target brand diaper, and nursing pads.

Next up, BabyList

So this app/website is incredibly handy, as it will compile all of your registries into one database that people can buy for you on! All you have to to recieve a box is pay $5 shipping and create a registry. As I like stuff from places like Target, Amazon, and Etsy it makes it way easier just to direct people to Babylist instead of a bunch of different places. This welcome box included a Pampers Diaper, a diaper wipe case with sample wipes and various lotions, a pacifier, a bottle, laundry detergent sample, and breastfeeding pads sample.

And last but certainly not least, Amazon!

This was honestly my favorite one, not because the number of items but because the quality and variety. To get this box you must create an Amazon registry and then spend $10 on one of the items on your registry, for me this is no big deal because you can put anything on your registry and I put some lotion I had already needed and badda-bing, we are in business. This box included a super cute elephant onsie, a Swaddle Me swaddle, a pack of two pacifiers, Seventh Generation wipes/diaper (a very good amount, too!), huggies wipes, baby lotion/wash samples, and two different brands of bottles! Amazon takes the cake on free baby stuff hands down, the quality swaddle and bottles was just incredible. The whole pack has to be worth around $50 I would imagine.

There is no reason to not get free stuff you guys. Load up on all three like myself! Its worth the very minimal effort. I hope this helps you in your money saving adventures, mama’s!

Be back soon with more content,



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