Honest Review: Bio Clarity Face Care

Hey everyone! Time for another one of my favorites, an honest review.

Like I mentioned in my last post, my skin is suffering from dryness and spots, and I had been seeing a ton about this product on social media with very positive reviews so I had to try it! It was a fair price, about $30 for the set: a face wash, a spot treatment, and a gel type of moisturizer.

Image result for bioclarity

I used it for about three weeks before making my judgements, so here we go!

Image result for bioclarity

The “Cleanse” face wash : I liked this fairly well, you could tell there are no extra scents or bad chemicals in the wash and it did not break my face out at all (which is lucky when I switch products) , but it is not good at removing eye makeup which is something I really want and need in a face wash.

Spot Treatment: I love this one! It doesn’t burn but definitely shortens the life of whatever spot I have put it on. This is by far my favorite of the three. It also doesn’t make the spot dry or flaky, which is common for me with most acne treatments!

Gel “Restore” Moisturizer: To be brutally honest, I hated this. This product gave a green tint on my skin, and made it feel permanently sticky. It felt like something you should be washing off  but the instructions did not say to do so. It did not make my skin feel moisturized either. Everyone is different, and this might be awesome for some, but that is just how I felt!

Overall, I didn’t see a change in my redness or texture, but with the help of the spot treatment I have had way less and shorter breakouts.


Have you had any experience with this products? What are your thoughts?

Ill be posting more content soon,



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