Dry Winter Skin: Tried and True Products

Hello again!

Not only is it October third,

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Today is a the first real deal of fall in my town! Cloudy, crisp, and smelling of rain all day long. Its a dream! (especially being home sick with this random cold, wth?)

I usually love everything about fall, but fall also means that we are going into winter, which means my skin wants to become half reptile. Especially my forehead.

Over the years I have cultivated a few products that assist me in this great battle, and Its time to share the love!

Here are some of my absolute favorite (sensitive skin friendly) products to combat dry skin.

For Exfoliation:

Eyebrow Razors Precision Sharpness for Trimming and Shaping Eyebrows - Multipurpose Exfoliating Face Razor and Eyebrow Shaper - Eyebrow Razor Pack of 12

Eyebrow/ Face razors, $7.99 , https://www.amazon.com/Eyebrow-Precision-Sharpness-Trimming-Eyebrows/

You can get these a lot of places but I found they are cheapest on Amazon. I first heard about these from beauty guru extraordinaire Carli Bybel, and even then I was skeptical because I don’t have super thick facial hair, but that is not what it helped me with. This will gently and surprisingly successfully removes excess dead skin while also taking off peach fuzz, making your foundation go on so. much. smoother. Fair warning though, I avoid my upper lip area because shaving it causes those really painful lil pimples for me.

Moisturizing mask:

Image result for dr jart hydration

Dr.Jart Rubber Hydration Lover Mask, $12.00 , https://www.sephora.com/product/hydration-lover-rubber-mask-P418172

First of all if you don’t know already, I am a major cheapskate. I hate buying products that are overpriced. This was a concern of mine buying this as it is only a one use mask for $12, but I soon realized its worth every single penny. This is the last resort mask, when your skin needs a MF drink. You apply the gel, then seal it in by placing the two piece gel mask over it. The mask feels cold and nice on your skin, and after 30 minutes its ready to come off. Amaze. Really.

Daily Moisturizer:

Daily Skin Oil

Image result for supple skin co

Supple Skin Co. Dew Drops, $39.00 ,https://suppleskinco.com/products/supple-skin-dew-drops

This product I have only been using for a few months, but I have barely gotten through 1/3 of the product so I have been super pleased on that aspect alone. This is an all natural oil, using ingredients like hemp and carrot seed oil, and a few other awesome healthy ingredients. Its anti-inflammatory which for my redness prone skin is awesome, and it also helps with acne. I also suffer from an oily nose area and this does not make it oily at all!

Moisturizing Lotion

Image result for first aid beauty moisturizer

First Aide Beauty Ultra Repair Cream $30, https://www.ulta.com/ultra-repair-cream

This product lasts FOREVER and will forever be my favorite face lotion. Not only can you use it to help heal sunburns (it freaking works), it does miracles for the dry spots on your face and has never caused irritation or breakouts on my face which is a feat in its own.It has almost no scent and goes on super light. Dry skin people, you need this.

I hope this helps anyone who suffers the same skin fate as I do,  as always I love hearing about new products and ideas so if you have something that really works, please share! Until next time, good luck fighting the dry skin fight.

Ill be back soon with more reviews and suggestions,




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