Review: Plated Meal Service

Hey everyone! Oh, it has been a while.

I have been so freakin’ busy lately I haven’t had much time to write, but I am forcing myself to make time! Speaking of not having any time, I have been dying to try a prepared meal service for a long time now, but haven’t wanted to “buy before I try” and get looped into getting multiple meals if I didn’t like them. I was so excited to see the local grocery store I shop at, Safeway, had a whole section of Plated meals to try one at a time!

So of course I had to buy one.

The one I chose to try first was “Steak Fritas”

First of all, I really do like the packaging. I had seen multiple people review other meal services and complain of the excessive packaging and glass within (reducing our waste is a must people), but I was pleased to see the packaging used was a thin recyclable plastic that was only used when needed.

The instructions came on a simple card that was easy to follow and understand. I am an advanced cook, but I really think for someone with little experience it would be easy as well!

I did change a few things, I added mushrooms to the spinach because I just simply love them, and I fried the potatoes in oil instead of baking them because that’s just the way I like em’. I also added just a touch of cream to the pan sauce because it looked way darker and thicker than the photo.

The finished product? Delicious! The steak was high quality and so tasty especially along with the sauce. The meal was awesome and filling and super quick to make which was my main goal. As I had mentioned before, I have been so busy working doubles and trying to slay, so this kind of stuff is a treasure for me.

Overall, I would very highly recommend Plated! I will DEFINITELY be trying another meal! Everything was really high quality and affordable, and it was the perfect amount of food for two.

I will be back with more content soon, I promise!



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