Important things for those trying to master “adulting”

Hey everyone, today’s post is all about some healthy life advice for all my fellow clueless adults. Unfortunately, they don’t teach you to actually become a fully function citizen in the world in school. So with my unruly upbringing and life experiences, I thought I would share some advice that keeps my life together!

Health Matters– Look guys, eating healthy and going to the doctor are not fun things to do, but the repercussions of not checking up on these will come to haunt you unchecked. Food is so expensive these days, and just learning some simple cooking skills on Youtube can drastically save you money on eating out, as well as taking advantage of club card deals and coupons (its not dorky when you are saving money!). I have learned the hard way that just because your metabolism allows it, eating junk food and not drinking enough water can and will cause serious health issues. Check ups are also vitally important, especially for my ladies out there. Nobody likes to talk about going to the Gyno, but DO IT, symptoms of cervical cancer and other things go undetected until its too late most of the time, and saving yourself the embarrassment is not worth your life.

Being an Active Citizen– Its hard not to get caught up in the whirlwind of the large elections for across the US, especially this year, but local government is something everyone should be paying attention to.  Register to vote, read your ballots, the people elected locally are going to directly effect your life on a most regular basis. Its important to be involved and know where your taxes are going and who is in charge of things such as education and sheriff departments.

Be Mindful– This is something I struggle with greatly, especially when it comes to political conversation at this time. One of my favorite things online lately went a little like this, ” When I was in fourth grade, my teacher gave us all things like toothpaste, shaving cream, and whipped cream to squeeze out and play with. Obviously we went wild and it was a mess, after about 15 minutes the teacher said,’Okay class, now put the contents back in the tubes’ and we all stared at her like she was crazy. ‘You see class, sometimes you get so wrapped up in something that everything just spills out and becomes a giant mess that you cant put back, and I want you to remember that words are just like that. Think before you start to say something you won’t be able to put back.’ ” Have your opinions and morals and stand by them proudly, but do not tear down someones being just because you disagree. Try to discuss calmly, even if they are not. Even if they aren’t doing the same, you will walk away the bigger person.

Do not fear your parents– Look guys, this is a big one for me. This is not something I suffer personally, but effects so many of my friends and loved ones. Respect for your parent(s) should always be had of course, but their values may not be yours, and that is OK. I see many choosing career fields just because of what their parents think, instead of going after something that is so perfectly made for them. I see grown men and women who will not voice their opinions and feelings, just because they fear upsetting a parent. I’m here to tell you that its okay to differ from them, doing what makes your heart sing is the most important, and the people who love you will come around.

Don’t go to college just to go to college– So many people will go directly from high school to college without any semblance of a clue of what they want in a degree. It is such a waste of time and money to do that, and in no way does it mean you are a failure, stupid, or behind. Sometimes jumping into the workforce is helpful, gives you a good chunk on your resume, and gives you ideas of what you like/dislike in a career. Hell, you may even find a passion that does not require a degree! Wouldn’t it be silly to go through years of empty schooling just to find that out?


And those are my biggest pieces of advice to all my fellow young adults just trying to survive this world. I hope you can take something from the hard learned lessons i’ve experienced!

Ill be back soon,



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