Math D: A Tale of Struggle via Gifs

Ever felt like your brain is turning to liquid by trying to understand the intricacies of advanced algebra? Me too. 

If you are suffering from these last few weeks of spring semester, I feel you.

So here are some things we can laugh/cry about in the future:

When your teacher asks you if you have any questions on the problems you missed:

Image result for legally blonde no gif

Stupid, Stupid mistakes. I know.

When you think you are getting it and get excited, and then you see the answer

Image result for britney spears confused gif

When everyone gets to go home and relax after work, but you have hours of homework awaiting

Reaction GIF: crazy, stare, smile, Willem Dafoe

When your online class is mostly fresh out of school and you haven’t taken a math class since sophomore year of high school (10+ years)

Image result for im old gif

When you know you are so damn close to finishing this semester

Image result for dragging myself gif

Studying for finals like

When you finally DO understand something

Image result for victory gif


My fellow finals friends, I feel for you. I hope this made you laugh in these dark times.

For my regular readers, I will be back next week with my regular style postings!

Also, look out for more YouTube videos in the near future!



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