My Favorite Online Clothing Shops

Hey everyone!

Today’s blog post is about my most favorite online shops to buy clothes at!

So, for those of you that don’t know me, I am one of the best at hounding out a good deal on clothes online. I do love going thrift-ing occasionally, but I also love fashion and want the most up to date styles out there, without breaking the bank. Honestly I find that a lot of people even say that, but then are like, “So buy this distressed t shirt for $45” and that just isn’t my style. Just because its less expensive than Gucci doesn’t mean its a deal!

In no particular order, here are my favorites and the reasons to love them!

1. Miss Guided


Honestly, this store is probably my favorite to shop at out of any. They are ALWAYS offering the best deals, where you get 50% off for buying 4 or more items or just 50% off because they feel like it. On the rare days they don’t have these specials, they always have a hefty student discount you can use instead. The clothing itself is true to size and super high quality, and they have a huge selection! They are trendy without being over the top, which is an issue I sometimes have with Fashion Nova (still love them though).

2. 6 Dollar Shirts


Although a lot of these shirts are funny novelty Tee’s, which make fabulous gifts btw, they have so many Tees with classic movie and music media and different cuts/styles of top you can put it on. You can even cut them into a crop super easily if you love that style like I do! The best part is all the T shirts are only $6, and the sweatshirts arent much more at all! Its a screamin’ deal.


So I have only recently discovered this site thanks to one of my favorite You Tube gals miss Gracie Piscopo, but I am sad I didn’t earlier! Not only is it a very inclusive brand to all, they are super fashionable while still being affordable. My favorite part of this shop is the dresses! They have SUCH good deals on simple but super sexy and cute dresses, seriously only around ten bucks regularly priced. Check them out!

4.Fashion Nova


Who would I be if I didn’t mention the ever popular Fashion Nova?! This brand has become huge the past year due to its popularity with celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Cardi B. They cater to girls with curves and really all sizes, and most of their stuff is made to make you feel super sexy! I love this brand because everything is super affordable, and even though I am very thin I have hips and a chest, so usually if it fits the waist I’m being strangled and vice versa, no problems ever with that with FN! Its definitely a sexier look, so if you are wanting some of that, check it out!



You know those posts that are like, “what happens when you order from dupe China sites” or “Ten online purchases gone wrong”?This definitely would seem like one of those, but it has worked out for me greatly! The swimsuits pictured are so cute and cheap, so I had to at least try it once to know for myself, and I had also seen youtube hauls from this site that looked just fine so I thought,”why not?” Ive now ordered multiple times and have been so so pleased with the result! Fair warning, the tops in size small are very small, not so bad to where its indecent, but i wont be doing cartwheels in the suits if you know what I mean. Love these swimsuits!


I hope my suggestions help you get some more bang for your buck in the style department! I am always looking for new ideas and places to shop so if you have any sites you love for a deal, please share with me! If you want to see some of the items from the stores listed I’m happy to post or send pics, just let me know.

Be back soon,



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