Life Update: We Have a Puppy!

Hey everyone! Its been a pretty crazy few weeks in the Palmer house.

Both of us are feeling the weight of the upcoming school finals, and we have been working non stop!

But there is one thing exciting that’s happened since my last post, and that is…..

We got a puppy!

We weren’t planning on adopting a pup anytime soon or quite frankly at all. Our last experience adopting a pup was traumatizing to say the least. After 4 somewhat normal years with our husky/malamute Khaleesi (who was extremely difficult since way puppy-hood), out of the blue turned very aggressive. She started attacking smaller dogs at the dog park when we had been there a million times together before, and we couldn’t walk her around other dogs for fear of a fight. I had a yard she could escape, so we couldnt just let her run around outside unless we were with her, which was previously fine because we were able to walk her and take her to the park. She then bit my mother-in-law and growled at my cats, and I knew we couldn’t have her anymore. I would never forgive myself if she hurt my cats or anything else, so we made the extremely hard decision to re-home her. Even though she got placed in a wonderful home with a huge property to run on her own, we felt the weight of failure, and it left an ugly mark on us. We have since learned that in female malamutes that can happen if the have an alpha gene, and we have been assured by many that we did the right thing.

We werent planning another pup, but when I met our new little guy I fell completely in love. A family friend is a breeder of mini Dachshunds, and he had a littler of puppies just about to be old enough to be adopted. As I was playing with a giant pile of adorable puppies, one stood out. He looked like a golden retriever in a weenie dog body, with cute green little eyes and a very sweet disposition. He was my favorite, and for whatever reason, we connected.

Please give a warm welcome to (possibly) Wilson! We have been very indecisive on names, so If you have suggestions please share!

We brought him home on the 19’th for the first night, and he is fitting in quite perfectly.

He might even be the world’s most lazy puppy.

So, sorry for the lack of my regular post, but now you know why! We will be back to usual this week, so look out for another review!

be back soon,



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