Wedding Tips From a Wedding Planner

Hey everyone!

So if you have checked out the “about me” portion of my blog, you will know that I have half ownership of an event coordinating business! We don’t do only weddings, but they make up quite a bit of what we work with. Over the years I have gained some knowledge and have some things I would like to share with all those people out there dealing with the hectic-ness of what is planning a wedding.

So I suppose I will start with what I do! Now, hiring a wedding planner is not something I would call a requirement for a wedding whatsoever, like a photographer or catering service may be. With that being said, I am someone who thinks that the wedding planning process should be fun for both people getting married, and as least frustrating as possible so you can both look back on that experience positively. If you are someone who is incredibly busy, doesn’t enjoy much shopping around , or isn’t that sure of the wedding industry itself, I highly recommend looking into hiring an event coordinator! Let me tell ya why: As odd as it seems having a coordinator can be extremely cost effective. Businesses like mine that focus on money saving and DIY type projects often have knowledge and access to warehouse and wholesale stores that have amazing deals, and often network with other local wedding vendors to provide all sorts of coupons and deals when referred by each other.   Aside from that, the obvious reason is to relieve stress. A coordinator can be someone who just runs all the mindless errands for you, makes you appointments and secures vendors, or even is just there to hold your hand. And I can tell you from experience, most event planners will go to the moon and back to make everything amazing for you! Do your research, make sure your coordinator isn’t overbooked with too many clients and is the right fit for you, and it can be a wonderful asset.

Make use of your internet tools! Seriously there are so many incredible free useful things online that are sorely overlooked. There are free invitation PDF’s that you can fully customize all over google, and free websites such as (my personal favorite) and that allow you to do things like customize a seating chart, procure your guest list, have a wedding to-do list, and so many more useful things all in one place. There are also loads of resources for wedding decor online these days as well, I love for creativeness and I mean who doesn’t know amazon has everything?

People wearing a wedding dress, do not get stuck on a photo of a dress you think is THE dress. I know this from personal and many other experiences that what may look good in your head does not always look great on your body, and can leave you entirely confused about the whole dress ordeal and ruin the experience for you. Definitely find inspiration in photos, but remember to keep an open mind so you can take the time to find exactly what suits your body and makes you feel your most beautiful. And for the suit people out there, the suit counts my friends. Take the time to try things on, those photos are forever, and suit fit matters you guys. You don’t have to spend a ton of money either, stores like H&M and Men’s Warehouse have very affordable suit pieces to choose from!

On the subject of clothing, lets talk bridesmaids dresses. Now, as a control freak, I understand the appeal of just putting all your bridesmaids in one single style of dress for that classic look, but if your bridesmaids are all sorts of different shapes and sizes, consider letting them pick different dresses but in the same color and length. As gracious as your friend may be stepping into a dress that doesn’t fit them or they hate, you can see it in the photos. An uncomfortable person does not photograph well, its just the truth. Take the time to listen to your bridesmaid’s and figure out what things work for them and don’t in terms of styles and cuts. You and your wolf pack will be looking fly in those photos. Now if you are lucky and have found a great dress that looks awesome on everyone, all the power to you! Ive seen it happen and it can be fabulous.

My last bit of advice for today is possibly the most important, speak up. Its easy to feel like a burden to your vendors and family, but if something isnt right, have the courage to stand up and voice your needs. Sometimes you pick the wrong vendor, sometimes you loose a deposit, its not worth being stuck with something you aren’t perfectly happy with. That also goes for family members, it is NOT your mother/grandmother/father/sister/aunts/cousin’s wedding, its yours. Don’t let pesky family members steamroll you. I see it too often, brides are pushed into dresses they don’t love ( Ever seen Say Yes to the Dress? that s**t’s real) , they don’t get food they really want or the type of ceremony they prefer, so many things. Unless those people are fully footing the bill, pay them no mind!


Guys, I could go forever on tips and tricks up my wedding sleeves, but as not to bore you I will save the rest for another time! I hope that you enjoyed this and that it may have helped you in your wedding planning endeavors.

Ill be back soon,







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