5 Underrated Movies You Should Watch

Hey guys!

By now I am pretty sure all of you know I love stories. Whether they are presented in books, shows, t.v. series, or just from a friend, I love the tale of the human experience.

I have seen a LOT of both bad and good movies, and I want to share some of the ones I love that a lot of people I know haven’t seen!(its just crazy). These movies are special to me for various reasons I will explain, and watching them will not be a waste of your time, I promise!

1.In the Land of Women:


This movie, in my humble opinion, was sorely overlooked. It is a story of lives intertwining in the delicate and chaotic ways of every day life, and what small actions can really do. “Carter” (Brody) moves from L.A. to Michigan after being broken up with to take care of his ailing grandmother, he then meets a mother (Ryan) and her two daughters (Stewart, Vega). This movie touches on breast cancer, a relationship between mother and daughter, and learning to appreciate the people in your life. Its a story about tough things almost everyone goes through, but it is layered with a dark humor that really attached me to this movie.(I will forewarn people who are like my husband who does not like slower paced movies, its not action packed or full of laughs the entire time, so beware) Funny and bittersweet, it is one of my favorites. And I mean c’mon, who doesn’t love Meg Ryan?

2.Dangerous Beauty


You guys, this movie is so good. Its one I think should be revisited as it came out is 98′ so a lot of millennial’s have no idea this movie exists! (I am just lucky my mom has fabulous movie taste) This story starts a feminist powerhouse by the name of Veronica, adapted from the novel “The Honest Courtesan” by Margaret Rosenthal. * I have not read this book, so I do not have a comparison opinion!* Inspired by a true story, Veronica is a beautiful and talented girl who is snubbed by the man she loves because of her lack of wealth. Finding it appalling that women have to be married only for money and not love, she decides to take a different path. Her mother shows her the way of a Courtesan, the high paid company of the rich, if ya know what I mean. The time is 16th century Venetian, a time where a woman could not go inside of a library, unless she were a courtesan. She fights her way to the top using her compassion and mind, until things go awry at the time of the plague spreading, as much religious blame in the government fell on these women. The story is a story of love and the power of a woman, and historically interesting as well. So highly recommend.

3.The Count of Monte Cristo


Based on the novel by Alexander Dumas, this is one of my favorite stories of all time. Love, friendship, treasure, revenge, betrayal, epic sword fights, it has it all. I have loved this movie since I was little, and have finally begun reading the novel.So far, so good! The story begins as Edmond Dantes, a poor sailor who cannot read nor write, suffers a horrific betrayal by his best “friend”, leading him to be locked away in a very abusive prison called Chateau D’If. Through trial and tribulation, Edmond expertly plans his revenge on all who have harmed him. This movie is entertaining every single time and has something for everyone, one of my all time favorites!

4.Remember Me


This movie produced one of my favorite movie quotes of all time (which is actually a quote by Ghandi), “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it”. That quote sums up the very feeling of this movie, it is such a display of every action and chain reaction the choices and events in someone’s life make, and how these actions although insignificant in the small picture, are so important to the big picture. I’ll be honest, the end of this movie had my 15 year old self weeping in the theater. I can honestly say I think there has been one other time an ending of a movie has been so powerful to me, I feel like reality punched me in the face with this movie big time.I couldn’t stop thinking about it after watching it and I think that is one of the telltale signs to a fantastic story. It was so sweet and sorrowful, and like I said, after watching it you understand the exact meaning of that quote. Ridiculously good.



One of my favorite actors stars in this movie, the wonderful Joseph Gordon Levitt! This story follows “Adam”, a man who lives a simple and safe life, who finds out that he has a malignant tumor on his spine. If they do surgery, his chances of survival are 50/50.(Get it?lols). If you cant tell already, I love dark humor. Because that is just how life really is, a line of catastrophes with spots of humor and friendship to keep you going. Seth Rogen plays the best friend, and together they try and navigate through Adam’s diagnoses. A story of true friendship, I could watch this movie 100 times and not be sick of it. Plus, JGL’s emotional portrayal of his character is truly incredible. So good!

So that does it for this movie review! I have so many more favorites for different reasons which I will be saving for future posts, but I hope these will hold you over for now in your movie endeavors. Have you seen any of these? what was your thought’s on them? Any recommendations for me?

Thanks for reading everyone, I will be back soon!




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