Book Review: “You” by Caroline Kepnes

Hello Everyone! Its that time again.

This book review is on the fictional suspense novel “You” by author Caroline Kepnes. This is the first time I’ve read anything by this author, and I had been long wanting to read it after seeing it on a “scariest thriller” books list by Buzzfeed!


Overall, I would give this book a B. The novel is narrated in first person, by a young man who is hardcore stalking a young woman he met at his workplace. The writing is excellent, and terrifyingly realistic of someone who is a predator. The way in which Kepnes makes his thoughts seem normal and systematic is disturbing, and he worms his way into this girls life who has no idea she hasn’t just “met a nice guy”. The reason I gave the novel a “B” instead of an “A” is that for all the hype this book had, I did not find it as shocking or gripping as others. It had a lot of content I felt unnecessary , just kind of the biding of time and filler writing that bored me a bit in between the action, and halfway through I could see where it would end up. That being said, it was still delightfully creepy and I thought it was well worth the read. I would be interested in reading another book of this author’s in the future for sure.

Have you read this book? what did you think? Let me know!

also, if you have a thriller you are obsessed with, tell me!I want to read it.

Ill be back soon with another post, of course.



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