Review:Brandless Online Grocery Store

Hey guys! So, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to save money , especially when it comes to grocery shopping. I came across the website Brandless through a Facebook ad, saying all items were $3, no matter what the item. I figured it was probably a scheme but I wanted to look anyway, so I popped onto the site. The deal is that without the standard 20% brand tax inflicted by big box brands we know and love aren’t tagged into the cost of the item, saving you money and allowing the low price of the items. Brandless has a wide variety of items, lots of which are organic and fair trade, a welcome bonus. I was enticed, so I put an order in! I was super excited to see if all the items would end up tiny, or something otherwise inconvenient.


Items I ordered include: Honey, rubber tipped tongs, extra virgin olive oil, beef jerky, roasted almonds, nutty berry trail mix, Thai peanut sauce, Korean sauce, panty liners, and dried mango. Total cost:$33 plus $3 shipping.

All in all, I thought it was a great deal! The products are high quality, and taste great too. I was very pleasantly surprised at the size and the taste of the items!  There are some things I wouldn’t buy such as the crackers, candy, and other snacks I can get from the local grocery store for cheaper. The deals lay in the coconut and olive oil and well as the honey and much more. The beef jerky was pretty small, but very tasty. I give it a four out of five stars and suggest you try it!!

Be back soon with a book review,



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