First Vlog Revelation

Hey everyone! So I did it, I bit the bullet, I made a vlog! Watching yourself on video is always odd especially when speaking to the camera directly, and ill tell ya, it was weird.

But that’s okay! I feel sometimes emotions and thoughts are better expressed in words and sometimes its better to see the real vibe from a person, so why not both? I find so much inspiration from the vloggers I watch (Carli Bybel, Mitchel Davis, lookin at you) and I would love to be part of the team.

My first video is an introduction video, and its certainly not filmed with the best camera (Thanks Laptop) but, here it is!

Anybody out there vlog as well? Have any tips? recommend any editing sites? (I’m no professional, so the easier/cheaper the better, for now lol)

As always, thanks for reading (and now watching), I will be back to my regular antics very soon!



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