Im Back!/Change of Heart Book Review

Hi. Surprise. I’m Back.

I Know its been a long, long time. As much as I love to write, my life took some crazy turns in this past half year and I have sorely neglected my blog.  This time around I have decided to do a creative overhaul of what exactly I am blogging about. I have shared some personal stories that have been close to my heart, but even if I may think it could help or connect someone I am just not ready to delve so deep into my personal life just yet. Maybe I will get to the point where I am comfortable sharing that aspect of myself in the future, but for now I have decided to write reviews and thoughts on my most favorite things. Books, Film, T.V. Series, Recipes, Restaurants etc. Maybe I will even turn this into a vlog! Who knows, but that’s the fun of it.

So to start of this new venture, I will review one of my most favorite novels I have ever read.


Oh, this book. The narration of this story is switched from the view point of character to character, building an incredible story of grief and discovering the truth while keeping the real story hidden until the very end. No spoilers ahead, but the set up for this story is the character “Shay Bourne” ,whom is on death row, wants to donate his heart post-execution to his victims sister who desperately needs a transplant. Bourne is considered to be bipolar and unkempt, as well as murderer of a child and her step father. I do have to warn, this novel raises questions about religion on both sides of it, so if you are uninterested in debate of that subject then this is probably not the novel for you. Now I am not often easily tricked by plots in stories, I can usually guess what the premise is going to be so when I find a story that has my mind in shambles by the end, I know I have struck gold. Picoult also dissects prisoner rights and religion, the ethics of organ donation and asks the disturbing and intriguing questions of: Does religion make us more tolerant,or less? Do we believe what we do because it’s right? Or because it’s too frightening to admit that we may not have the answers? Thought provoking and emotionally gutting, I give this book a hard 5 stars.

Essentially, the book had me like this:


I Hope you guys liked my very first review, if you have read this book I would love to hear what you thought!

Talk to you all very soon,



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