The world was made for (Whatever you want)

At this point in the world, you can be wrong for anything you think or do with your life. Especially with the behind the screen courage social media gives us.

So today I will be writing a little bit about the subject of being married young, the judgement that comes with it, and my personal experience.

J and I met when I was 15 and he was 16. Sophomore/Juniors in high school at that time, we ended up being in the same cooking class and even got put in adjoined “kitchen” areas. We didn’t end up dating until the following year as we had different lives, different friends, and could not be more opposite.(What can I say? opposites attract!) J was involved with church, was popular, in a band, and lived in a beautiful house with his mom. I was an odd ball with a couple close friends, my mother has just divorced my abusive step father, and we were living in a 3 bedroom house with 6 other people besides the 5 of us. I had never grown up with religion, most of my childhood was built on survival, and I was crazy energetic to detract from those things. We became boyfriend and girlfriend on May 27th 2010, and it just fit. It was comfortable, easy, and fun being together. We were able to teach each other so much about the opposite ends of life, and it wasn’t long until we just knew. Its so cliche, and anyone who knows me knows I have a deep disgust for corny mushy lovey type things, but when you know, you know. Every single person is different, and for me I had no good plans for myself, no belief I could do anything for myself, until I was with J. That is really something of worth in my life. We had a hell of a time convincing people of that at first, and because I was non-religious scene dressing girl with a messy family, I easily fit into the role of “corrupting woman” In a lot of peoples minds. There were a lot of judgments from a lot of people we loved(and people we did NOT for that matter), but nonetheless we stuck together. It was years before people realized we were serious, and thankfully now we have nothing but support from friends/family.

But of course there are the others who think we completely ruined our young years and are missing out on the time of our lives . “Who could you have dated? slept with? partied with? One night stand stories? Fun?Only one person for your whole life?!?” Honestly, writing those things made me chuckle a little bit to myself. Ill be the first to admit I am a total grandma. I love books, movies, getting at least 8 hours of sleep, being in bed before 11 p.m., you know, all the best stuff! I can be honest in saying there has never been a time where I have been with j going to the movies, having dinner, sitting on the couch, or anything else that I would have rather gone out and partied or seen what guys I could get to hit on me. Don’t get me wrong, we do like to have our fair share of jello shots, drunken nights running through the chain of endless casinos in Reno, and going to music festivals and getting our drink and dance on. But the thing is, its so much more fun to do it together. When I am doing something so fun and J isn’t there, I am taking 8 million pictures to show him so we can talk and laugh about it. Marriage isn’t a prison, it is incredibly hard , and it takes a lot to be able to understand all of your partners needs/wants and what compromises to make. Maybe we wont be together forever or until death do us part. People change. Things happen. But I really hope we do, and I will always try my absolute hardest to make it so as long as that is still true.

I love that my single friends are happy and living it up for themselves, and I love that my married friends are so happy with their partners in life. I love your photos of your engagements, and I love the photos of your new friends you met in the bar bathroom. (mostly I love the food, show me all the food) The point is, be happy for the happy people. No matter what their marital status may be.

Until next time-


   J & I May 2017 to August 2016

***Glow Up Alert***




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