Long Time/No See

Well, hello again.

I fell off the blogging horse.


Needless to say, life has thrown some obstacles my way these past few months and I have been neglecting doing some of my favorite things, including writing.

But here I am to have at it again, and I am so excited.

So in that new light, here are some things happening in my life:


Tomorrow is J and I’s two year wedding anniversary! Last week we passed our “7 year mark” of being together, and we have a few fun things planned to celebrate both. First- Pomegranate wine from Thailand! We brought this little baby back from our Vacation to Thailand, after being fed sample after samples of the 25+ different flavors they had available, we decided on this one. SO excited for my favorite “Juice” to accompany our dinner!


Otherwise, you can catch us at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom this weekend for some old fashioned fun. (the new wonder woman ride is calling our names obviously)

J and I are both gearing up for school this year, I in about 6 days and J in a few months. I have never done any college courses, and I am really looking forward to getting back into my education. If you have any study or organizational tips for me (really, anything school related) I would LOVE it.

Last but not least- Fitness

I despise exercise. I love it when I get to the gym and start, but to get to that starting point requires a lot of motivation and a lot more coffee. But, feeling better day to day body and mind has its perks. I always seem to get going and really have a good routine down, then some sort of sickness/bodily ailment happens and I fall off the wagon. I will be letting you know of my progress as I try to find the best exercises for myself (and my sensitive lower back), I already have so many challenges I want to try and can’t wait to share!

And that’s the update my friends,

Watch for more posts to come,



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