“Apologize to your body, maybe, thats where healing begins”

Hey guys, there is an issue that is heavily prevalent in not only our society, but every single place we go, and I would like to touch base on some not so talked about corners of it. It runs through our minds in a constant marathon, and not one person no matter size, shape or color has avoided it.

That is? Body Shaming

And I am not talking exclusively about fat shaming. A person with hurtful intent can find ANYTHING about your appearance to tear down. We as a people have begun to have a great movement towards body positivity and fat shaming, and for that I am grateful, but as I scroll through my social media feeds and see so, so much hate regarding appearance it leaves me feeling sick.

One of the most shamed things I see? Plastic surgery/ Body Modification.

Of course the most visible attacks I see are on celebrities, but when you get down to it, they are humans pursuing a public career, just trying to find their confidence just like us. If someone for any reason wants to modify their body because they aren’t happy with it, so be it. They are taking control of their body, and no matter what the reason, it makes that person feel good about themselves. That is something that should never be torn down.

Not a single one of us knows the persons story, and its none of our business. One of the most stand out examples that I would like to use is the likes of the Jenner sisters. First, Kylie Jenner got lip injections and denied it, due to the overwhelming fear of the hate that would pour in after her. That is not okay. So what if she is young? She has the funds, she knew what she did not like about herself, and she changed it. No one should feel so scared to say the truth in their personal improvement that they have to lie. Just today on my feed I see an article about the other sister, Kendall, and the mass freak out on Twitter about how “she must of had plastic surgery” and gifs along with it with the classic Tyra “We were rooting for you, we were all rooting for you!”, what?! So if an adult woman wants to modify her body, it means that you can’t “root” for her ? She is still the same human being. She has the same mind.

I have multiple friends and family that have gotten cosmetic surgeries for both appearance and health, and their choices to do these things have improved their daily lives and confidence they have in themselves greatly. It was a huge decision, and worth every second for them. Not to mention, they are some of the absolute best people I have ever met. Hearts of gold. Yet, there are people out there that slew judgements like weapons and not expect that to have a true and deep effect on their victims.

Basically, when you cut it down to the basics, a woman’s body does not equate to her value as a human being. And it is not for you to control.

If you don’t like someone or have a big enough problem that you feel the need to insult them, insult them for what you actually don’t like about them.Are they a shitty human being? Great, inform them if you must, but to attack someone for their body in any way pretty much makes you a swamp monster. I am just saying.

Lets show some love to these skin jackets we are in! Focus on your health, your happiness, and the people you love.

To show my support and solidarity for anybody that has gone through body shaming, for whatever reason, I will list below the things that have actually been said to/about me by friends, family, and strangers.

“Eat a burger”

“Sticks for legs”

“I like a women with curves, bones are for dogs”

“You’ve got heel ankles, but you really don’t have skirt legs”

“Shut up, you are too skinny have anything to complain about”- When I had an insecurity about my body.

“What did you have for lunch? Water?”

“Why do you even go to the gym?”

“I bet your husband is miserable with those chicken cutlet things you call tits” -Total stranger online

“You could stand to gain ten or so pounds”

“I can see your ribs”


If you stuck with me through this rant, thank you, you are a champion. I would love to hear of your experiences opinions with this sort of hate , what have you done to combat it, and what you think we as a group can do to support each other, so comment below or send me an email and lets get this positivity train on the road!

Much Love,


One thought on ““Apologize to your body, maybe, thats where healing begins”

  1. All that being said is absolutely true. When I was a young girl I had the same sort of criticism you had, for being “too thin” horrid things were said to me, even from my own mother. People don’t think that even when you have a perfectly healthy and thin body that someone will attack you…WRONG! Then I “subconsciously” put on weight, and needless to say, I had people telling me I was too fat and other horrid things. It sets some people on a life long journey in an effort to try and please everyone, instead of loving and being themselves whatever condition the body is in. It teaches us more than that, it teaches we are not the body. We are whats inside, Just think how the world might change with people like you Sierra . People who criticize others are really expressing a learned behavior, because of insecurity in themselves. You bring about huge shift in the world and consciousness of others. Keep up the good work! I am so proud to be your mammy! Ha ha!


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