Hotel rooms, vaccinations, and passports, oh my!


Its been a busy few days.

Getting your passport is no joke, turns out they need a lot of identification for those things! I almost had a heart attack when I could not find my birth certificate anywhere, and seeing how long it too to get a new one online, I completely ripped apart my house in a frantic search. I then remembered I needed it for my marriage license, and low and behold! It was in the same folder, thank freaking God.

Luckily we got everything together and headed on over to the San Fransisco Passport agency for our appointment. It was actually very quick much to our surprise, the entire process only took about 45 minutes and we were able to come back a few hours later to get them! It was completely painless.

We are that much closer to our trip, and with all of our accommodations finally booked its so much more real, and I can finally breathe a little bit. Next step and the fun part- I have got to seek out getting those vaccinations, unfortunately. We are still avidly looking for any adventures, must sees, food, and anything else worth doing in Thailand, so if anyone has any suggestions, please do tell!

I have never traveled this long or this far away either, is there anything you would suggest bringing or preparing for? I am forever grateful for your tips!

Much love,


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